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Hey People!

2007-08-17 18:26:53 by Analogman-2

Hey Everyone!

Since this is my first post on Newgrounds, I'll explain who I am:
I am Analogman-2, better known as Mikey to friends. I am a Amateur Flash producer but my main field is programming. I have done a few flashes before but the one I am doing now will be the first time I have submitted to Newgounds. I run a Animals of Farthing Wood fansite -

Ok, the flash I mentioned before is going to be in a Widescreen format (620x360) and... I've not quite worked out what it'll be based on exactly. I do know its going to be a photo shopped/sprite affair. I'll be working out whats going to be happening soon.

Ok then everyone! Seeya all on the net!


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2007-08-18 06:29:34

Hey Mike!

Analogman-2 responds:

Heya Bahamut!


2007-10-04 23:11:15

ur probly a looot better than me, lol