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Its coming along

2007-08-27 05:18:54 by Analogman-2

Hey Everyone!

Having got back off holiday (see my deviantart account for more info), progress with my flash is not as far as I would like it too. However, what has been done is cool. I am upto my 4th scene and although I cannot say how long it will be, its looking cool. The contrast between vector driven animation and photoshopped backgrounds look cool. I reckon the style could do with some improving but its my first time... I'll get better with practice.

You may have noticed that I said vector driven art - thats because I did a experiment (which I'll probably leave in to show contrast) to see photoshopped sprite work. The result isn't great, more so when scaled. For background and inimate object work, its fine and quite a style shower but vector animated characters contrasts this well. Needless to say, I think the flash works. Wherever it does is up to you guys.

Some small facts:
Flash size (uncomplied): 28Kb
Flash size (complied): 276Kb
Frame count: 53

Ok people, seeya all on the net!


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2007-08-28 08:00:22

A flash by you? :O I want to see it! :D

Analogman-2 responds:

Yeah, a flash by me. Even to me, thats a shock.