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Nearing completion - 85% methinks

2007-09-04 12:16:25 by Analogman-2

Hey Everyone!

Ok, the flash is now going to become a series flash. However, the first episode has some debugging issues I'd like to get resolved before launch and I need to extend the flash. It clocks in at about 70 seconds so far - I'd probably want to make it at least 2 minutes long. However, it already clocks in at 2MB with BG music... urgh.

Given the storyline that I am working on, I think it'll be a 6 parter but I won't be working on them in sequence, one offs are probably going to come as well. I want to get into custom ActionScripting - flash gaming here I come...

Ok everyone, seeya later on the net!


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2007-09-06 08:20:10

Ah, that's why you haven't submitted your flash yet. You said it would be done last week, but I never saw it out. Oh well.

Analogman-2 responds:

I looked at the flash and some bits were not working properly (sounds) and as I looked, I guessed it could be extended some more. It'll all be done by the 19th as I start University then.