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The silence is golden

2008-12-22 18:45:30 by Analogman-2

Lo to all.

Well, I have been quiet, haven't I? ^^; Anyway, long story short, Azuralura is being killed. The idea was great but its pretty poor. So, with that dumped, I am thinking more along the lines of shorter, *hopefully* more funnier flashes. Don't expect anything until after the new year though... University exams and what have you lurk within... something.

Seeya all on the net!


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2008-12-22 19:49:16

Heh, wasn't expecting you to make a news post anytime soon. Anyway, I'm disappointed about Azuralura being scrapped, but it's your choice whether to continue it or not. I'm looking forward to any other flash ideas you have in mind. :)

Analogman-2 responds:

I still have the original source files for the second episode of Azuralura but the idea of it doesn't seem to gel with NG's "lets all have random fun" idea.