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First episode released

2007-09-26 03:25:39 by Analogman-2

Hey Everyone!

First episode released and its seems to have done down ok with the voters. Its got currently a 3.02/5.00, which is ok for my first flash. I know there are several aspects of it that could be improved upon but at the moment, I am just enjoying the fact that I have released a flash at all.

Episode 2 production will begin in October (Scratch that - the first two scenes are completed and I am starting now). I am sure that the University students on NG will realise that Univerisity is very important and rather time-consuming. The plans for Episode 2 are these:

- The movie has to be longer (Ep.1 is annoyingly short)
- I need voice actiors (If anyone does want to be a voice actor - send a PM here, no e-mails)
- I generally need a plan of what I am doing

The general look of the movie is fine IMO (the pre-rendered backgrounds) but they could do with some work anyway. Nevertheless, its a good style and I am sticking too it.

Ok then, I'll seeya all later on the net!


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