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Developing episode....

2007-10-13 18:41:22 by Analogman-2

Hey Everyone!

Yeah, ater trying to settle into University, I have resumed work on Episode 2. So far, it clocks in at 43 seconds, which is about 49% of the total time of the first episode. What is astonishing is that I am only in the second scene of the second episode - so I reckon that it'll be about 4 minutes when it is finished.

Its may be biased, but Episode 2 is looking cooler than Episode 1. I mean, we finally see this 'evil' guy and so far... more just happens. Comic elements are still stiff but then again, it was never really meant to be a comedy. Other flashes will be, but for the time being, not now really.

Ok then, I'll seeya all later on the net!


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2007-10-13 18:57:26

4 minutes? Is that how long the flash will be overall or the just second scene?

Analogman-2 responds:

I am guessing its overall. 4 minutes for one secne is huge.