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The cotten candiez

2009-03-19 09:43:09 by Analogman-2

Heya Everyone!

/facepalm. This is bad. I have not uploaded anything recently... or ever as it seems. This will be rectified however. I got my flash back and I'll work on... something tonight.

On the Azuralura series however, I know that in my last post, I said it was over. Actually, screw that, its back. I've just got to make it *funny* - thats all.

Gotta go,
Lecture to roam.

Seeya all on the net!

The silence is golden

2008-12-22 18:45:30 by Analogman-2

Lo to all.

Well, I have been quiet, haven't I? ^^; Anyway, long story short, Azuralura is being killed. The idea was great but its pretty poor. So, with that dumped, I am thinking more along the lines of shorter, *hopefully* more funnier flashes. Don't expect anything until after the new year though... University exams and what have you lurk within... something.

Seeya all on the net!

Developing episode....

2007-10-13 18:41:22 by Analogman-2

Hey Everyone!

Yeah, ater trying to settle into University, I have resumed work on Episode 2. So far, it clocks in at 43 seconds, which is about 49% of the total time of the first episode. What is astonishing is that I am only in the second scene of the second episode - so I reckon that it'll be about 4 minutes when it is finished.

Its may be biased, but Episode 2 is looking cooler than Episode 1. I mean, we finally see this 'evil' guy and so far... more just happens. Comic elements are still stiff but then again, it was never really meant to be a comedy. Other flashes will be, but for the time being, not now really.

Ok then, I'll seeya all later on the net!

SSSllllooooowwww dowwwwwnnn

2007-09-28 10:39:13 by Analogman-2

Hey Everyone!

Episode 2 is in progress - I just need to 'hire' voice actors. Bahamut and Pokelord-Ex has already said that they'll do it along with my fiancee so I should be able to work with that.

One thing that has caused a slight hiccup is that Sounder Recorder (version 1 in XP) decided to mess up my .mp3's that I was using to record my voice files. I was using that format because I foresee using .wav making the final episode tooooo big. It was either my flash program (I don't use Macromedia Flash BTW) or Sound Recorder being strange. Nevermind, I didn't clear the Recycle bin, so all is well.

Two scenes have been completed and a third is in the works. It seems that it will be longer than the first episode because I worked out the fatal flaw in the first episode. The scenes are just... static (No background action really). No real camera action either. Episode 2 is gonna solve this.

BTW: A movie containing a game integral to finishing the movie.. what does that come under in classification on submission?

Seeya all later on the net!

EDIT: Ok, here is a small image picture/sploiler of the second episode. I've pixelated the villains face to keep some suspense for the flash.

SSSllllooooowwww dowwwwwnnn

First episode released

2007-09-26 03:25:39 by Analogman-2

Hey Everyone!

First episode released and its seems to have done down ok with the voters. Its got currently a 3.02/5.00, which is ok for my first flash. I know there are several aspects of it that could be improved upon but at the moment, I am just enjoying the fact that I have released a flash at all.

Episode 2 production will begin in October (Scratch that - the first two scenes are completed and I am starting now). I am sure that the University students on NG will realise that Univerisity is very important and rather time-consuming. The plans for Episode 2 are these:

- The movie has to be longer (Ep.1 is annoyingly short)
- I need voice actiors (If anyone does want to be a voice actor - send a PM here, no e-mails)
- I generally need a plan of what I am doing

The general look of the movie is fine IMO (the pre-rendered backgrounds) but they could do with some work anyway. Nevertheless, its a good style and I am sticking too it.

Ok then, I'll seeya all later on the net!

Errr... I am late?

2007-09-24 14:46:09 by Analogman-2

Hey Everyone!

Yeah, I know I am late delivering my flash but I have been busier than I thought... or lazier than I thought. Never mind. I am working on the final thing and then I am finished and uploaded quicker than you can say ... something. I am literally working on it right now.

Since I am finishing off the first episode, I am considering some things for the second. It'll probably go like this:

- Need other voice actors
- Movie needs to be longer

My plans for episode two haven't even started yet - I'll probably plot this at university at some point.

Ok then, flash to be uploaded soon!
Seeya all on the net!

Nearing completion - 85% methinks

2007-09-04 12:16:25 by Analogman-2

Hey Everyone!

Ok, the flash is now going to become a series flash. However, the first episode has some debugging issues I'd like to get resolved before launch and I need to extend the flash. It clocks in at about 70 seconds so far - I'd probably want to make it at least 2 minutes long. However, it already clocks in at 2MB with BG music... urgh.

Given the storyline that I am working on, I think it'll be a 6 parter but I won't be working on them in sequence, one offs are probably going to come as well. I want to get into custom ActionScripting - flash gaming here I come...

Ok everyone, seeya later on the net!

Its coming along

2007-08-27 05:18:54 by Analogman-2

Hey Everyone!

Having got back off holiday (see my deviantart account for more info), progress with my flash is not as far as I would like it too. However, what has been done is cool. I am upto my 4th scene and although I cannot say how long it will be, its looking cool. The contrast between vector driven animation and photoshopped backgrounds look cool. I reckon the style could do with some improving but its my first time... I'll get better with practice.

You may have noticed that I said vector driven art - thats because I did a experiment (which I'll probably leave in to show contrast) to see photoshopped sprite work. The result isn't great, more so when scaled. For background and inimate object work, its fine and quite a style shower but vector animated characters contrasts this well. Needless to say, I think the flash works. Wherever it does is up to you guys.

Some small facts:
Flash size (uncomplied): 28Kb
Flash size (complied): 276Kb
Frame count: 53

Ok people, seeya all on the net!

Hey People!

2007-08-17 18:26:53 by Analogman-2

Hey Everyone!

Since this is my first post on Newgrounds, I'll explain who I am:
I am Analogman-2, better known as Mikey to friends. I am a Amateur Flash producer but my main field is programming. I have done a few flashes before but the one I am doing now will be the first time I have submitted to Newgounds. I run a Animals of Farthing Wood fansite -

Ok, the flash I mentioned before is going to be in a Widescreen format (620x360) and... I've not quite worked out what it'll be based on exactly. I do know its going to be a photo shopped/sprite affair. I'll be working out whats going to be happening soon.

Ok then everyone! Seeya all on the net!